Tooth Extraction for Kids – When Is It Necessary?

Even though having a tooth extracted when it’s not loose is unpleasant, your child may occasionally need to have one done. However, it’s crucial for parents to comprehend when the best time for a tooth to be extracted is. Is it a smart choice? How to prepare your kids for the pediatric dentist visit? These questions are some of the worries and issues faced by many parents. After all, parents only want the best for their kids. At an early age, parents can be proactive in taking good care of their kid’s teeth and overall oral hygiene. 

When Dentists Suggest Extracting Teeth

A tooth won’t normally become loose and fall out until the tooth below, which is the permanent tooth, pushes through the gums, which typically occurs when a child is in the middle of losing their first set of teeth. It is often referred to as baby teeth or so-called primary teeth. It usually occurs around elementary school age. However, some pediatric dental disorders may necessitate tooth extractions even before the permanent tooth pushes it. The most frequent causes of kids tooth extraction (ถอนฟันน้ำนม, term in Thai) are the following:

  • Extreme deterioration that is unresponsive to fillings or root canals
  • A crowded environment that could interfere with jaw development
  • A shattered or fractured tooth that cannot be fixed
  • Getting ready for braces

The majority of pediatric dentists only suggest tooth extraction as the last remedy, meaning, it should only be done when all other therapeutic alternatives have failed. Talk to the dentist about different options whenever possible because having a tooth out too quickly might affect a child’s speech, chewing, and developmental issues. If the dentist must extract baby teeth due to damage or decay, ask them to insert a space maintainer so that when the time comes, permanent teeth can emerge properly. Otherwise, as your child gets bigger and their permanent teeth are about to erupt, the baby teeth they currently have could move awkwardly and cause issues.

Getting ready for tooth extraction 

A straightforward extraction with the tooth noticeable about the line of the gum can be carried out with local anesthesia at a pediatric dentist’s office. However, if the case is complex, a more difficult extraction is needed, which will require IV sedation or nitrous oxide. For a more complex issue, there might be some sort of participation of the oral surgeon depending on the severity of case.It’s a good idea to do everything you can to get your child ready for extractions of any kind. However, one common problem is that many parents are not sure of how to go about doing that in a way that won’t frighten their child. In many instances, it is preferable to send your child to a pediatric dentist or speak with the staff at your dentist’s office to learn how to properly handle your kids with regard to dental office visits. The goal is to avoid giving the child undue worry before the visit.


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