What Are The Methods To Correct A Protruding Mouth

People prefer to focus on the front of their faces in mirrors since that is where the reflection is. However, many have no trouble telling the difference between a person’s and side profiles. You may greatly influence how people perceive you by paying attention to how you present yourself in your profile.

Too much protrusion of the mouth is immediately noticeable. Nasolabial folds and perimental lines form, making you look older and distorting the curve of your lips, giving you a pouty or angry appearance.

It’s not just unsightly, but it can also lead to other health problems (such as difficulties eating due to malocclusion, cavities, mouth breathing allergies, etc.). To correct the protrusion of the mouth, one must first identify its cause and methods to correct protruding mouth (วิธีแก้ปากอูม, which is the term in Thai).

Methods Of Correcting A Protruding Mouth

A 3D CT scan will be required of all patients to determine the underlying reason for a protruding mouth and map out a surgical procedure to fix it. After reviewing the CT scan data, the surgeon can make an informed diagnosis and treatment recommendation. Two primary methods exist for reversing the effects of a jutted jaw.

Anterior Segmental Osteotomy (Aso)

If your teeth are straight, but your gums are showing, this method may help. Under general anaesthesia, this treatment typically lasts between one and two hours.

Two back teeth, premolars, on either the upper or lower jaw will be removed. There will be some cutting and shifting of the gum bone involved. The surgeon will reverse the protrusion of the gum by pushing the gum and teeth back into the place of the extracted teeth.

With these methods to correct protruding mouths, patients have seen a retraction of their gums of up to 7–8 millimeters. It will take roughly six months of orthodontic therapy to close the gap.

Three-Jaw Surgery Or Two-Jaw Surgery With ASO

You may benefit from this surgery if you have a short or receding chin and a prominent upper jaw (bimaxillary protrusion).

It usually takes one to two hours to complete this treatment under general anaesthesia.

To fix a receding chin, this operation involves cutting and repositioning the lower jaw bones like in an Anterior Segmental Osteotomy (ASO). The bones will be set with medical pins. The three-jaw surgery will simultaneously correct a receding chin and a projecting mouth.


All these are methods to correct protruding mouth. Cooperation between the surgeon and the orthodontist is crucial throughout all stages of mouth protrusion surgery, from preoperative planning through postoperative care. Virtual computer planning improves the accuracy of preoperative planning and dentofacial deformity evaluations. It is also an important resource for educating patients thoroughly.

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