Retaining Mobility: A Comprehensive Guide For Finger Surgery

‘Surgery’ when we hear this word, the only thing that comes to mind is how bad the situation is that it needs surgery. Surgery is a medical term that compromises several processes used for different treatments. What if we tell you that your fingers will not work correctly? Even if they work, they will not work according to their capability. There are several finger problems are there, and injuries may also occur.

In this article, we will be going to provide important information regarding finger surgery like Finger surgery cost (ผ่า นิ้ว ล็อก ราคา, which is the term in Thai) and also cover other news. So here we go.

Distinct Types Of Finger Surgeries

As there are several kinds of surgeries for different situations, so let us put some light on them:

·       Triggered Finger Surgery:

Tenosynovectomy is the scientific name for the trigger finger; in this situation, a single or more than one finger is stuck in a bent position due to infection and Solidification of the synovial sheath. The doctors operate the sheath and release the fingers to move freely.

·       Treating Fracture:

Finger fractures can be caused by any accident, sports injuries, etc. In this treatment, the surgeon rejoins the broken bone with the help of several instruments like plates, screws, wires, etc., made of platinum, silver, and other non-rusting metals.

·       Treatment Of Tendons:

In this surgery, tendons create problems in the functioning of the finger, so if they can be treated with the help of surgery, that will be good. Still, if they cannot be treated, the only option left is to transfer the original to operate the functions of the fingers.

Different Kinds Of Methods Than Surgery

There are many other options available rather than surgery, as mentioned below:

  • Physical Activities: If you want to recover from any injury, the physical activities are just if you wish to go for a surgical or non-surgical treatment. They are stretching, flexibility, and strengthening the harm part.
  • Ultrasonic Waves: The ultrasonic waves are passed from the injured part, which helps to heal faster and reduce pain.
  • Use Hot And Cold: The therapy consists of using a hot and cold pack with a proper schedule. Hot helps reduce pain, while cold reduces the swelling in the injured area.
  • Diet Plan: Nutrition plays a vital role while recovering from any injury. You have to start adding new things to your diet, like some fatty acids and a good amount of fruits and vegetables, which helps improve your finger’s condition.
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