Treatment for dark circles under the eyes

Why do dark circles appear under one’s eyes?

Several factors, including getting older, genetics, fatigue, and others, can contribute to dark circles under your eyes. The region of skin beneath your eyes seems darker if you have dark circles below your eyes. There are numerous reasons why people get dark under-eye circles. They normally do not point to a health problem, though. People of every age frequently complain about having dark circles beneath their eyes. Home treatments for this issue include cold compresses, while professional solutions include laser therapy. Also Check this page for more info


  • Laser treatment: Your skin can be tightened and resurfaced with laser techniques. Diode lasers and pulsing dye lasers are examples of simple laser solutions.
  • Surgery for eyelid: The excess area around your eyes is treated with a technique called blepharoplasty to remove extra skin and fat.
  • Chemical peels: Alpha-hydroxy acids are used in chemical peels to lessen under-eye pigmentation.
  • Creams and agents: Creams like vitamin C and bleaching chemicals like hydroquinone can help make the area under your eyes look less black.


  • Hyperpigmentation: When you expose your skin to the sun in excess, your body creates more melanin. The pigment called melanin is what provides the skin its color.
  • Dehydration: Lack of water intake can cause the skin around your eyes to become dry and black.
  • Not getting enough sleep: Your under-eye skin looks pale if you don’t get enough sleep. Your blood veins can be easily seen in your skin.
  • Genes: According to studies, under-eye circles could originate in families.
  • Rubbing: Your under eyelids may enlarge and your blood veins may break if you rub and irritate them.
  • Lifestyle: Stress, excessive alcohol consumption, and smoking are some additional factors that can contribute to dark circles beneath the eyes.

Home remedies

  • Cucumbers: Place slices of cucumber over your eyes. Due to their substantial moisture and vitamin C content, cucumbers could help with puffiness.
  • Teabags: Under your eyes, place iced tea bags. Tea contains antioxidants and caffeine, which helps improve circulation.
  • Makeup products: To hide your dark circles, match the tone of your skin with makeup and an under-eye foundation.
  • Getting enough sleep: Sleep for a minimum of seven hours every night to avoid developing shadows around your eyes.
  • Using more pillows: To avoid fluid accumulating beneath your eyes at night, raise your head using a few additional pillows. This could decrease puffiness.

How do I prevent dark circles?

  • Relieve your stress: Plan time for self-care as a method for healthily handling your stress.
  • Have a proper sleep schedule: Make an effort to get a minimum of seven hours of rest every night by going to bed on time.
  • Apply sunscreen: Apply sunscreen to your face, and pay careful attention to the area around your eyes. Wear sunglasses or a hat for extra protection.
  • Quit drinking: Reduced circulation can result from excessive alcohol consumption.
  • Quit tobacco and smoking altogether: Smoking accelerates the aging process that occurs on your skin.

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